How To Create Effective Marketing Slogans

Running a business is hard work in itself and having a marketing slogan that does not reflect on the hard work you put into making your customers’ happy will work against you.

Firstly, what is it that you are offering as a service? Creating a unique marketing slogan for your business is the window into your shop.

You have to have the right catchphrase and be sure of not to use a slogan that is already in the marketplace. Trademarking your slogan will also stop others from using it for their business.

When considering a slogan, what is it that you want to say about your business? Are there any services that you would like to highlight? Are you selling a brand or a product? Do you want it to be memorable, original or altogether different?

Have a slogan that reflects your business. Do not make false claims such as you are the biggest or the best without being able to justify it. Your aim is to enhance your presence from your competitors.

One good way of choosing a slogan is to ask your customers and staff of how they see your business and the path that you are looking into expanding. If however, you wish to go down the route of having an independent consultant then their fees usually start around £400 mark upwards.

When you have picked a slogan, do not forget to make it your own unique selling point (USP) by trademarking it. Then the next step is to consider how you will market this slogan and your business to your target audience. Online marketing is a great way of advertising and also of tracking customer’s interests. Visit a consultant who will discuss with you the best way of marketing your business. Look at the services that they are offering and how they plan to cater for you. For example, will they be using social media sites or SEO to enhance the brand?

Like everything in business, do not ignore your marketing strategy even after you have given it to a consultant. Always keep on top of the changing trends and look for ways of making your business affordable for your potential clients.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest Your Time in Networking

Networking is a very powerful tool and worth every bit of time and investment. For me, networking has delivered more return on investment than any other marketing tool in a given time period. It is real and it is indeed one area of marketing that you shouldn’t ignore. Yes, there are social media channels on the internet and there are other methods of advertising that will drive business your way, but if there is one thing I would suggest that is necessary to grow any business, it would be networking.

Think about it… before the rise of the internet and online social channels how did people create business through networking – Face to Face it was, and it will be a surefire way of marketing your business for a long time to come. It is a great way to develop a lasting relationship and to propel you to the next level in your professional, business career. It doesn’t matter what your business or industry the same rules apply; You must be an excellent listener, engaging and interactive, be 100% genuine and completely understand the needs of others. You must also decipher your own needs and be ready to pick up on potential leads when necessary.

Here’s why you should invest your time in networking:

Benefits in business and friendship

If you’re a startup or moving your business to a new location, you will want to make friends very quickly. At first glance, you should think of business networking as a means to build friendship and make contacts and not necessarily as a benefit to converting your networking into monetary value. This rule also applies to well-established businesses who have been networking for a long time. The last thing you want to do is walk into a network meeting and start handing out your cards and pushing your business to make sales!

You want to help your business colleagues and friends understand who you are and what you represent. You also want to bring your newfound network a sense of value by attending to others needs on an emotional and cognitive level. This is a two-way street and best value is brought by equally sharing personal and business opportunities. If you are an expert in what you do then mentor and engaging the group to create the optimum networking environment can also bring benefit. Remember to provide quality mentorship to your clients and fellow colleagues for business growth and credible relationships. Incredible relationships are where the business is!

Equal business opportunities

Let’s face it, you’re not in business or attending networking events to simply make friends are you? You are networking with like-minded business colleagues and friends in order to develop and uncover some fantastic business opportunities.

People definitely need people to create a business, so once you have built up your reputation around your network there will be a rise in business opportunities which you wouldn’t have found elsewhere. These are the people who know your business, who appreciate you as a person and are ready to expose your business to others they know, like and trust. If you know, like and trust people within your network, you will create countless business opportunities which multiply as your network grows.

Therefore, network with a purpose. Get to know people on an individual basis and don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Find out who they know and what industries they are well connected with. What is their unique selling point and how can you help them get more business. Get involved by helping the network in taking on administration duties… engagement and interaction will lead to visibility and you will be well on your way to building great credibility.

The influential roundabout

It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know. If you knew how to build a house, but didn’t have the right people to help you, you will have no house! The whole point of good network groups is that individuals establish themselves as experts in what they do. Likewise, you establish yourself as an expert. This influential roundabout is very powerful when you acknowledge the group as a whole and utilize its strength’s to full potential by really getting involved.

For example, people will be willing to advise you on various aspects of building the house. Many will assist you in the research and organize the resources and all this, even before you have begun to contract the work out to them. In many cases, you would be in deficit before the project even began if it wasn’t for people wanting to help you. Remember, you can’t walk into a group and expect this influence, you have to build your presence and earn this respect.

Understanding Article Marketing

Article marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business. So what is article marketing? Article marketing is the implementation of promoting a product, service or website by writing high-quality articles and distributing them all over the internet. It’s not as simple as you might think, but writing good quality articles combined with the potent formula of AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, you will be well on your way to creating content-rich articles for your online distribution.

What are the steps to article marketing?

There are several different ways of writing your copy depending on whether you are promoting a product or service and the type of industry category it falls into. The steps will be similar for all, so in this instance let’s keep it generic to any industry.

Step 1

You begin by researching and writing your article about a topic related to the website or product/service that you plan on marketing through this method of promotion. Avoid topics you know little about and instead, expand and articulate on topics you have a good knowledge about. Remember the formula AIDA.

Step 2

The reason for article marketing is so that you can drive relevant traffic back to your website or a product page. You would do this by adding related links that point to a page on your website.

Step 3

Proofing your copy is important. There is nothing worse than reading a badly written article which is promoting you and your website! Why not let one of your colleagues proof it for you before you begin distribution.

Step 4

Once ready, you distribute and submit your article to various online article portals or databases.

What are the benefits of article marketing?

Free for all – It doesn’t cost you anything for this method of marketing. You can submit your articles to article databases for free, but what you do need is time. Spend some time writing your articles as they are promoting your brand.

SEO Keywords – Using the right keywords within your article will make all the difference in terms of what the article database does with that article. Many article submission sites rank highly in search engines which can be very beneficial to your article as it may get more visibility than your actual website.

Back Links – Most article databases will allow you to add some kind of link as part of the submission. You can add the links into the main content and/or into the area where you input the author details. If the readers find benefit from what they are reading then they are likely to click on the link in order to get more information.

Search Engine Indexing – Most SEO marketing companies will offer article distribution as one of their complete SEO services. Why? Well, one of the quickest ways to get traffic to your website is by building strong back-links to your site. Article submission is typically this. High page ranked article databases are great for search engine indexing as they deploy their bots (crawlers) to all popular sites in order to browse and index their new content. In return, this will also give your page rank more credibility and thus, push it higher up the search engines.

Brand Awareness – Similar to a blog, if good quality articles are submitted to an article database, you start to develop a following through readers searching for information. They are also likely to share the article amongst their social circle. So your branding is enhanced through consistent article upload.

What are the pitfalls of article marketing?

Perseverance and Stamina – Almost like an Olympic athlete, you need to persevere, have the stamina and the will-power to deliver great quality articles on a continuous basis. There is no point in producing one great article and then not returning for a few months. You need to deliver consistently. Do you have what it takes to build a fantastic database of articles that will get your readers talking and sharing, and clicking through to your website?

Time Strenuous – For even the expert writers, producing high-quality articles take a lot of time. Much time is spent researching, articulating and writing which can take over a few hours of your day. Now imagine writing at least 4 to 6 articles a month on a constant basis. Don’t forget, distribution can also take some time.

Differentiation – It’s easy to duplicate or write similar content without actually realizing. You have spent so much time and effort producing your content that after a few months you may unintentionally end up writing about topics which you have written about previously. It’s not all bad, but it’s better to differentiate and create unique content as it’s more likely to get indexed by search engines and offer something different to the reader.

Spreading yourself too thin – Article marketing takes time and we’ve established that. Keep an eye on the rest of your marketing initiatives as falling behind can have negative effects. Strike a balance and only bite into what you can cope with.