6 Google Adwords Myths You Can Put To Bed

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Cambridge SEO - myth-truth-bannerFor many small business owners and entrepreneurs, getting started on Google Adwords can be a rather daunting prospect.

Getting it right can be the difference between success with Adwords and what can be a very costly failure.

With so many Google Adwords Myths around,

I thought it would be a good idea to put some of these myths

to bed. With that, let’s get started.

1) Decreasing Your Bids means lowering your quality score due to a lower CLR.


This is not the case as CTR is calculated through comparing your CLR with that of your competitors but only the competitors who are sharing a position with you.

 There are many additional factors that make up your quality score, ranging from the user’s exact query, their device type and time of day and location. Your quality score summarises recent performance based on: Expected click through rate, Ad relevance

and Landing page experience.

To learn more about Click Through Rates there is a great video that explain quality score.


2) Dublicating Keywords in your accounts means you are competing against your own keywords


Now this really doesn’t make any sense at all. Of course you can you use the same keyword more than once across your account. Managing keywords is important and it might not necessarily be very wise to use the same keyword in the same Advert, but

across Campaigns there is no real reason why you couldn’t. The secret to managing your keywords is to group them into small compact, highly specific groups and then monitor them over time. If one keyword starts to bomb then manage it according either by moving it to a new campaign ( don’t delete the original immediately! ) or simply pause the keyword in the specific Adgroup.

3) Landing Pages need to be text only


Not really, you can certainly have photos on your landing pages. Bear in mind however that big glossy images do take longer to load and can therefore be marked negatively if your pages takes too long to load up.

Landing pages should always be tested as it is amazing how the simplest of changes can increase conversions. Changing your landing page to reflect your keyword is practised by many to improve Landing page relevance, but rarely increases your quality score from my experience.

You can test your landing page performance here. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

4) I need to be position 1!


This is really silly and there is certainly no need to be positioned at the top to benefit from Adwords. What needs to be looked at here are the Key performance Indicators. Yes you may get more clicks by being in position 1, but how well do the clicks convert? Your cost per click inevitably goes up, which most probably means your cost per lead goes up too. Again pay close attention to your metrics, if your return on your advertising spend goes down then reconsider that position 1.

5) Adwords is Too Expensive


We have all heard the terrible stories of people losing money through using Adwords. The reality is if your account is setup correctly and it is well managed there is no reason why Adwords should be too expensive.

I will not go into detail on how to setup your Google Adwords account here but I created a video a while ago that shows you step by step what to do. https://youtu.be/c7KOgU7bdo8

 You see, as we have already mentioned, you do not have to grab the number 1 spot to benefit from Adwords. Lets imagine your main keyword costs £5.00 per click in your particular niche and you might need a 100 clicks for a lead.

If only one in a hundred leads convert to a sale, each sale is going to cost you £500. Now £500 to generate a sale may be fine if your average customer spend is sufficiently high enough to cover this.

The answer to this is to pick cheaper keywords where the competition isn’t as high and so gives a lower CPC. These are called long tail keywords and are a great way to generate cheaper leads & sales while using Adwords.

The display network is also a great way to get cheap clicks and leads. Obviously not quite as well targeted as the search network but definitely worth a go if funds are particularly tight.

When you think about it, all marketing is costly and to get a measure on how successful your campaigns are can be difficult. With Adwords, there is so much flexibility in where and when your ads run it is super easy to get a thorough understanding of what is and isn’t working quickly before you blow your entire budget.

6) Below  first page bid means I end up on the second page


When you go into manage your Adwords account, invariably you will be greeted with this message from time to time. This doesn’t mean that you are necessarily on the second page, it simply means that your ad doesn’t show up on every search. To have an idea of how many impressions you should get, check the Impressions Share Lost column. The first page bid estimate gives you an idea on how to set your bids for maximum effect.

 Final Thoughts


So there you have it, some of the major Google Adwords Myths demystified! Using Google Adwords to grow your business and increase brand awareness is too powerful to simply just ignore. When setup and manged correctly there really is nothing more powerful.

If you have found this article useful please feel free to share with friends, colleagues and link to it directly too.

Any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the comments or email us at [email protected]





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