How To Create Effective Marketing Slogans

Running a business is hard work in itself and having a marketing slogan that does not reflect on the hard work you put into making your customers’ happy will work against you.

Firstly, what is it that you are offering as a service? Creating a unique marketing slogan for your business is the window into your shop.

You have to have the right catchphrase and be sure of not to use a slogan that is already in the marketplace. Trademarking your slogan will also stop others from using it for their business.

When considering a slogan, what is it that you want to say about your business? Are there any services that you would like to highlight? Are you selling a brand or a product? Do you want it to be memorable, original or altogether different?

Have a slogan that reflects your business. Do not make false claims such as you are the biggest or the best without being able to justify it. Your aim is to enhance your presence from your competitors.

One good way of choosing a slogan is to ask your customers and staff of how they see your business and the path that you are looking into expanding. If however, you wish to go down the route of having an independent consultant then their fees usually start around £400 mark upwards.

When you have picked a slogan, do not forget to make it your own unique selling point (USP) by trademarking it. Then the next step is to consider how you will market this slogan and your business to your target audience. Online marketing is a great way of advertising and also of tracking customer’s interests. Visit a consultant who will discuss with you the best way of marketing your business. Look at the services that they are offering and how they plan to cater for you. For example, will they be using social media sites or SEO to enhance the brand?

Like everything in business, do not ignore your marketing strategy even after you have given it to a consultant. Always keep on top of the changing trends and look for ways of making your business affordable for your potential clients.