Summit Digital’s February Roundup

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Well we have had a very busy February here at Summit Digital, and to be honest we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hard work with a nice cup of tea is how we work best here.

So we have been offering free SEO reports on websites throughout February and this has been extremely successful. Not only have we managed to gain a few more clients, we have managed to help lots of people simply by pointing out to them how their websites could be improved. As you can imagine, to be given pointers on how to improve your search engine rankings for free is usually well received!


Due to the success of these free reports, we have decided to continue offering them throughout the month of March too. If you would like an overview of your websites SEO performance feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Ok, so this month I have a few articles that I think are definitely worth reading.

My first article is about using Alt text, how to use them and why we need them.


Alt Text ( Alternative Text ) Cambridge SEO - Alt text use showing a good example of usage

When we run a SEO campaign for new clients, one of the first things we see is that Alt text isn’t setup correctly. They are important for a couple of reasons. Firstly they allow visually impaired people the chance to understand exactly what the images represent when the description is written correctly. Secondly, it also has a good SEO benefits as it helps Google understand exactly what your site is about.


To learn more about the importance of Alt text read this post from Yola.



Our second recommendation is all about creating content that will keep earning links back to your website. Creating quality content is something we are asked to produce for clients here at Summit Digital. Quite often SME’s simply do not have the resource available to spend the time creating the content, nevermind the time required for outreach.

Check out this article from Kerry Jones on Moz explaining how to create content that keeps earning you links.


Lead Generation With Twitter Cambridge SEO - lead generation image showing people being dragged back by magnet

My final recommendation for this month is for those of you who like Twitter. It is definitely a powerful marketing tool when used correctly and can be a great source of leads and sales.

Check out their post here:




So that is it for this month. If you have any questions about the above or digital marketing in general feel free to leave a message below. Alternatively you can email questions to [email protected]



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